Week 3: My Girls’ Expert High School Football Picks

Sunshine, flowers and football picks

Sunshine, flowers and football picks

After a week off, my girls are back with their expert analysis of local high school football games. In week one, the three year old – Rory – went an amazing 8-2. Wow, nice work. Addie, the six year old, went just 4-6. Come on, kid.

Here is the full schedule of local football games complete with radio (which surprisingly is very light this week) and of course the best picks in all of the land.


Tumwater T-Birds vs. La Center Wildcats
Tumwater Stadium – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: Wildcats – “The T-Birds will peck on the Wildcats.”
Rory’s pick: T-Birds – “Because the Wildcats will eat the other ones.”

Tenino Beavers vs. Hoquiam Grizzlies

Tenino Stadium – 7:00 PM – Radio: KXRO

Addie’s pick: Beavers – “The Beavers will chop down a tree and go ‘grrrrr….I win.’ And then dance around and then find another tree and cut it down.”
Rory’s pick: Beavers – “The Beavers go vwoooooooo and bite them.”

River Ridge Hawks @ Franklin Pierce Cardinals

Franklin Pierce HS, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: Cardinals – “They will peck the Hawks. They will see the Hawks and say ‘want a tasty treat?’ And then start pecking them.”
Rory’s pick: Hawks – “Because they will go grrrrr and go chirp, chirp, and go rarararara.”

Rainier Mountaineers vs. Raymond Seagulls

Rainier HS – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: Seagulls – “The Seagulls will fly around and use their claws to grab the Mountaineers supplies. They will fly back to their home and drop the heavy supplies on to the Mountaineers heads and knock them out and have time to score a bunch of touchdowns.”
Rory’s pick: Mountaineers – “Because they will go raaaaaa, and go baaaaaaa, and go blah, and go flop and go glop. Because they would go Ma, ma, mama, ma ma MA mama.”

Black Hills Wolves @ North Kitsap Vikings

North Kitsap HS, Poulsbo – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: Vikings – “They will have their arrows ready and they would shoot them. Then the Wolves will die and they will score 200 touchdowns.”
Rory’s pick: Wolves – “Because the Wolves would go RARRRRR, and go bite bite and then eat them.”

Capital Cougars vs. Lincoln Abes

Ingersoll Stadium – 7:00 PM – Webcast: Eli Sports

Addie’s pick: Abes – “Abraham Lincoln will order all of the Cougars to be captured and be killed. The Cougars had been sneaking into houses and stealing food supplies.”
Rory’s pick: Cougars – “They will go choooomp and go roar roar roar roar and eat them.”

Olympia Bears @ South Kitsap Wolves

South Kitsap HS, Port Orchard – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: Bears – “The Wolves would bite the Bears with their really sharp teeth then the whole pack would pull the sled and the player on the sled would score a bunch of touchdowns.”
Rory’s pick: Both, a tie – “They will wrestle. They will both win. It will be a tie. They will both bonk their head on the ground.”

Shelton Highclimbers vs. Foss Falcons

Highclimbers Stadium – 7:00 PM – Radio: 1030 AM and 92.9 FM KMAS

Addie’s pick: Falcons – “When the Highclimbers are trying to get them, the Falcons will swoop down and cut the bottom of the tree so that the Highclimbers would go, ‘Uh oh…..AHHHHHH…’ and fall down.”
Rory’s pick: Highclimbers – “They will climb up and whack them with their climbing axes.”

North Thurston Rams vs. Wilson Rams

South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: North Thurston – “The North Thurston ones would choose to hit in the middle of their heads and they would give the other team a big ouchy ouchy.”
Rory’s pick: Both – “They will both buck into each other and go bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp, bomp.”

Rochester Warriors @ Elma Eagles

Rottle Field, Montesano – 7:00 PM

Addie’s pick: Eagles – “They will shoot them.”
Rory’s pick: Warriors – “They will go up and then go fly, fly and then cut them up.”

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