Shut Up Fatty and Four Eyes: A Thunderous Moment for the M’s?

Shut Up Fatty and Four Eyes is a new feature on Oly Sports where my radio partner and friend, John McGlamery, and I discuss topics in the sports world that aren’t necessarily related to Olympia sports.

My dad, my brother and I sat in the first row of the 300 level of the Kingdome on August 24th, 1995 and had a perfectly clear view directly down the right field line of Ken Griffey Jr.’s walk-off two run home run that gave the Seattle Mariners a come from behind 9-7 win over the New York Yankees.

At the time, the M’s sat 11 1/2 games behind the California Angels and it was a relatively lazy afternoon game in front of 17,000 fans at the Dome. But when Junior hit that blast, something changed. We recognized it immediately. Junior, fresh off the disabled list after missing 73 games, marked his return and there was an electricity amongst that small crowd that was palpable. A feeling that we just saw something happen that was more than an average walk-off win, an iconic moment that we would remember for a long time.

And indeed, that day was the beginning of the historic rally that saw the Mariners go 23-11 down the stretch, beat the Angels in a one game playoff and win the ALDS with “The Double”.

19 years later, the sixth inning of Monday night’s game gave me that same type of feeling.

The Mariners erased all doubts that another Felix Hernandez gem would go unrewarded by scoring seven runs on six hits in the sixth inning en route to an 11-1 win over the Toronto Blue Jays in front of over 41,000 fans that were nearly split 50/50 between Mariners and Blue Jays fans.

The seven run sixth inning included a lead off homer by Robinson Cano, an opposite field blast by Mike Zunino that nearly got out of the park but went for an RBI triple, an Endy Chavez RBI double, another RBI triple by Brad Miller, a two run single by Dustin Ackley and finally, one more RBI for Cano on a double that was just a foot from his second home run of the inning. Cano’s near homer/double was preceded by a perfectly timed and perfectly dramatic bolt of lightning that put an exclamation point on the evening. And credit to the Mariners for following the inning with the perfect song: AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck”.

There is no way to predict what will happen with these Mariners. Despite a good home stand, I’m still not sure I trust this offense to keep pace with their outstanding pitching staff. But mark tonight on your calendar. Put a big lightning bolt on August 11th, 2014. This could be one of those iconic moments that we will look back upon as the beginning of something special.

Of course they might manage to pound out one hit on Tuesday night. Go Mariners!

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