Week 10: My 5 Year Old Daughter’s Expert High School Football Picks

Sunshine, flowers and football picks

Sunshine, flowers and football picks

The girls are back for the playoffs! I told them you have to step up your game this week or else your season is over. We’ll see if they did indeed leave it all on the field.

Two weeks ago, Addie went 4-6 and is now 35-32 this season. She needs to step it up to finish with a winning record. Her inconsistent T-Birds picks are really hurting her. Meanwhile, her sister Rory also went 4-6 on the heals of her outstanding 8-1 week three weeks ago.

Here is the Friday and Saturday week 10 schedule complete with radio information, ScoreCzar’s computer predictions and of course, Addie and Rory’s expert picks…


Capital Cougars @ Mark Morris Monarchs
Longview Memorial Stadium – 7:00 PM – Radio: KGY
ScoreCzar prediction: Mark Morris 29, Capital 10

Rory’s pick: Butterflies (Monarchs)
Addie’s pick: Butterflies
“The butterflies are gonna flap their wings….preeetty as a princess.” – Rory
“And how are they gonna beat the Cougars then?” – Addie
“They will slap them in the cheek.” – Rory
“The butterflies are going to fly over a pond and when the Cougars try to catch them, the Cougar will fall into the pond.”

Tenino Beavers vs. White Salmon Bruins

Tiger Stadium, Centralia – 7:00 PM – Radio: KELA/KMNT
ScoreCzar prediction: White Salmon 26, Tenino 23

Rory’s pick: Beavers
Addie’s pick: Bruins
“I want to sing the song. Beavers whack ’em with your tail. Beavers, Beavers whack ’em with your tail. Goodbye!” – Rory
“When the Beaver is trying to whack them with his tail, the Bruin is going to pick up the Beaver and bite off his tail. – Addie

Rochester Warriors @ Woodland Beavers

Kalama Stadium – 7:00 PM – Radio: Eli Sports
ScoreCzar prediction: Woodland 35, Rochester 7

Rory’s pick: Beavers
Addie’s pick: Beavers
“I wanna sing the song. Beavers, Beavers, beav them. Beavers, Beavers, whack them with your tail.” – Rory
“The Beavers will hide by a sharp rock and when the Warrior is by the sharp rock, the Beaver will jump on him and knock him down on the sharp rock.” – Addie

Timberline Blazers vs. Meadowdale Mavericks

South Sound Stadium – Saturday, 1:00 PM – Radio: Eli Sports
ScoreCzar prediction: Timberline 22, Meadowdale 16

Rory’s pick: Blazers
Addie’s pick: Mavericks
“I want to sing the song. Blazers go, go go go go, go go go! Goodbye!” – Rory
“When the Blazer is blazing paths, the Maverick is going to arrest them.” – Addie

Tumwater T-Birds vs. Aberdeen Bobcats

Tumwater Stadium – Saturday, 7:00 PM – Radio: Eli Sports
ScoreCzar prediction: Tumwater 31, Aberdeen 8

Rory’s pick: Bobcats
Addie’s pick: Bobcats
“I want to sing the song. Goooooooo T-Bir…Gooooo Bob…What are they again? Go Bobcats, whack them in the face!”
“The Bobcats are going to pretend to play dead and when one of the T-Birds is going to go down and try to poke it, the Bobcat will get up and scratch it.”

Week 10 non-playoff crossover

Shelton Highclimbers @ Stadium Tigers
Stadium Bowl, Tacoma – 7:00 PM – Radio: KMAS
ScoreCzar prediction: Shelton 28, Stadium 18

Rory’s pick: Tigers
Addie’s pick: Tigers
“Go Tigers Go! Don’t let the song begin! Goodbye!” – Rory
“The Tigers are going to eat the Highclimbers. They will hide behind a rock and when the Highclimbers get to the rock, the Tigers are going to pounce on the Highclimbers’ head and eat all the way down to their toes.” – Addie

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