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Week Six: My Girls’ Expert High School Football Picks will be in Shelton with the call on KMAS will be in Shelton with the call on KMAS

The last time my girls picked games, they both went 5-6 bringing their season records to 16-13 (Addie, 7) and 14-15 (Rory, 4). Not too bad, I suppose. But they are back with a vengeance today getting you ready for a big week six of the high school football season.

Here is the full schedule for Friday and Saturday complete with broadcast info and my girls expert predictions.


Black Hills Wolves vs. Port Angeles Roughriders
Tumwater Stadium – 7:00 PM | Radio: KONP

Addie: Wolves – “They will find a razor and they will shave the horse then shave the guy and shave the guy’s clothes and then shave the guy’s hair off and then when they go home everyone will say ‘OH NO, ALL OF OUR GUYS ARE NAKED AND BALD!'”
Rory: Wolves – “Maybe they can eat their underpants and eat their hats and eat their everything and their sunglasses and then they will go up and go back and then their boss will say ‘UH OH, YOU’RE NAKED,’ and then they would just run RAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAW all around their house.”

Capital Cougars vs. Wilson Rams

Ingersoll Stadium – 7:00 PM | TV: Root Sports

Addie: Cougars – “They can walk to the Rams and get right in front of them and say ‘Hey, listen up for a second….LET IT GO, LET IT GO!’ and the Rams will think it is so annoying that they will try covering their ears but then it doesn’t work so they run away.”
Rory: Cougars – “They can just have a fun time with a floaty and they can go in the water and then they can sing Else song because it is an Elsa can and it can crawl crawl crawl and then sing Let It Go.”

North Thurston Rams vs. Lincoln Abes

South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM | Webcast: Eli Sports

Addie: Abes – “They can get all the presidents together and take off all their ties and shirts and then the presidents and their families can do KARATE! They will win because they can do KARATE! and HAT WHOMPING!”
Rory: Rams – “When the Lincoln’s go into the Rams, the Rams will take them down a waterfall.”

Olympia Bears @ Stadium Tigers

Stadium Bowl, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Addie: Bears – “The Bears, since they are brown, they can hide, like in a tree and when the Tiger comes looking for them, they can pounce on the Tiger.”
Rory: Tigers – “They can jump on the Bears. They can run and run and run and scrape scrape the Bears.”

River Ridge Hawks @ Washington Patriots

Franklin Pierce Stadium, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Addie: Hawks – “So, I have said this before, but I still can use it again because it makes sense. Maybe they can like, go down and tear off their clothes so when they come back and say that they failed, the lead one will say ‘You’re naked, go and change’ and then they will be so ashamed that they will hide in their bedrooms for a looooong time.”
Rory: Patriots – “They will shoot them.” (I tried to convince her to not use a shooting reason)

Rochester Warriors @ Eatonville Cruisers

Eatonville HS – 7:00 PM

Addie: Warriors – “They can get swim gear and swim down to the ship and take their gun and shoot the bottom of the ship and the water will come sprouting in really quickly and it would throw somebody up to the top of the ship and they would swim away and then everybody would be like, ‘wait for me’ and everyone else in the ship will jump out including the driver and then the ship will sink.”
Rory: Cruisers – “They can get on the deck and hit them off of the ship and they would go underwater and they would give some of the other families floaties and some of them would be saved but the others would bonk their heads on the boat.”

Note: We had a hard time defining Cruisers so they chose to go with a Navy Cruiser in this case.

Shelton Highclimbers vs. Central Kitsap Cougars

Highclimbers Stadium – 7:00 PM | Radio: KMAS

Addie: Highclimbers – “Maybe they have Elsa on their team and Elsa can use her magic to freeze a Cougars but just keep their head sticking out and they will go ‘LET IT GO!’ and then the boys will sing ‘LET IT GO, LET IT GO’ and they will try to cover their ears but then Olaf comes down the hill in a big snowball and he pushes all of the Bobcats away.”
Rory: Highclimbers – “I say the same thing.”

Tenino Beavers @ Aberdeen Bobcats

Stewart Field, Aberdeen – 7:00 PM

Addie: Beavers – “First they trap the Bobcats by making a log house with a door and then it will use it’s teeth to go RRRRR, RRRRRR and get all the hair off the Bobcat and then the Bobcat will go MEOW! and then will run straight through the wood and get a ton of splinters and go home and get all of the wood out one at a time.”
Rory: Beavers – “They can chew down a tree and it will fall down on the Bobcats. And it will squish the skin off of it. Then they can chew on them.”

Tumwater T-Birds @ Centralia Tigers

Tiger Stadium, Centralia – 7:00 PM | Radio: KELA

Addie: T-Birds – “When the Tigers are not looking, the T-Birds can like, get a flock and they will all split into groups and will take on one Tiger. And when the Tiger is not looking, they will all go CAW-CAW!!! and then they will just go *ping* and start poking the Tigers.”
Rory: T-Birds – “They can zoom down, and hide in a tree and then they call their flock and when a Tiger comes under them they swoop down and grab the tail of the Tiger and pull them up into the tree and then all of them would push them down.”

Yelm Tornadoes @ Evergreen Plainsmen

McKenzie Stadium, Vancouver – 7:00 PM

Addie: Tornadoes – “When the Plainsmen see the Tornado, they run but then they have a lot of sheep or other animals so they don’t make it down to the storm cellar so the Tornado comes and says ‘EAT YOU I WILL’ and then the Tornado sucks them up and goes ‘BURP, EXCUSE ME.'”
Rory: Tornadoes – “They can swoop up the Plainsemen.”

Rainier Mountaineers @ Tacoma Baptist Crusaders

Viking Stadium, University Place – Saturday, 7:00 PM

Addie: Mountaineers – “Maybe they are hiding behind a snow fort and the Crusaders can’t get it so the Mountaineers start throwing a ton of snowballs.”
Rory: Crusaders – “They can pew pew, they can do karate.” and TAGS Awards & Specialties Premier Player: Kobe Key


The River Ridge Hawks are flying high this season, sitting alone in first place of the 2A South Puget Sound League standings and senior dual-threat quarterback Kobe Key has been the steady hand at the helm. His outstanding play over the past two weeks and throughout the season has earned him the and TAGS Awards and Specialties Premier Player Award this week.

With six returning starters from a 9-2 team, there were questions marks for this Hawks offense coming into the season. How would they replace star running back Michael Key and SPSL offensive MVP Chris Leiba? Without much experience, who would step up and lead this team?

But those questions were quickly answered in their 39-8 season opener defeat of Aberdeen. Kobe Key passed for 144 yards and two touchdowns and his returning presence along with an experienced offensive line allowed newcomer running back Gustavo Diaz to emerge with 135 yards and two touchdowns and an easy Thursday night win.

“It’s a continuation of the job he did last season,” said Hawks head coach Steve Schultz. “He makes the offense go. The offense runs because he is at the helm.”

Two weeks ago Key passed for two touchdowns and rushed for another in their 35-14 dismantling of previously unbeaten Orting on the road. Last weekend, he passed for two touchdowns and rushed for one more against an over matched White River squad in a 40-6 win at South Sound Stadium. That win, plus Washington’s upset of Fife, left River Ridge as the only unbeaten squad in the 2A SPSL.

For the season, Key has thrown for eight touchdowns and rushed for six including a 103 rushing yard, three touchdown performance in a 26-19 redemption against Franklin Pierce, the one team that tripped them up in the regular season last year.

“I come out, just make the right decisions and setup every play,” said a reluctant Key when pressed to talk about himself. “We have a great line, great running backs and a great defense to give us the ball back.”

Diaz has emerged as a their go to running back and teamed with his quarterback Key, they have turned into a great 1-2 punch for the Hawks. But 10 different players have scored offensive touchdowns  with Key serving as the catalyst and spreading the ball around. He has also recovered a fumble on defense and served as the team’s kicker at times.

“Combine leadership with athletic ability with wanting to win and wanting to play for his teammates,” said Schultz. “He’s incredible.”

The Hawks travel to second place Washington this weekend with a one game advantage on Washington, Fife, Steilacoom and Franklin Pierce in the 2A SPSL standings. The road gets a little tougher for the Hawks here on out with three of their last four games against one of those second place teams.

Previous Premier Player Award Winners:

Scott Gunther – Olympia High School
Maddy Midstokke – Capital High School

*** About the and TAGS Awards & Specialties Premier Player award: The Premier Player award will be handed out every week (the male and female award will alternate weeks) to a Thurston County high school athlete. Brandon Sparks of will choose each award and all inquires can be directed to him at Coaches can also email Brandon with nominations. The award winner will be chosen every Monday and awarded on Wednesday or Thursday throughout the school year.

High School Football Power Rankings: Four Unbeaten Teams Remain at the Halfway Point


Four 5-0 teams remain in the area: Olympia, River Ridge, Tumwater and Black Hills. Of those four teams, River Ridge and Tumwater look like the two teams that could come out of the regular season unscathed. Olympia has been the most impressive team so far and they could also emerge from the 4A Narrows unbeaten, but a big upset of Gig Harbor would have to be in the cards for that to happen.


1. Olympia Bears (5-0 overall, 2-0 4A Narrows)
Last week: #1 (no change)
Previous game: Beat Issaquah, 32-14
Next game: @ Stadium (1-2 4A Narrows, 2-3 overall ) – Stadium Bowl, Tacoma – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Scott Gunther continues to run wild for the Bears and they have moved up to #7 in 4A in the latest AP poll. Issaquah held them to their lowest point total of the season but they still won comfortably and will next face a much improved Stadium team in Tacoma. As long as they don’t look past the Tigers (highly unlikely), the Bears are setup to host Gig Harbor in a battle of unbeatens on Friday, October 16th.

2. River Ridge Hawks (5-0 overall, 3-0 2A SPSL)

Last week: #3 (+1)
Previous game: Beat White River, 40-6
Next game: @ Washington (2-1 2A SPSL, 3-2 overall) – Franklin Pierce HS – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: River Ridge had no problem with White River and has to thank Washington for knocking off Fife to give the Hawks sole possession of first place in the 2A SPSL. Now the Hawks have to face Washington on the road in a game that turns out to be far more important than previously expected.

3. Tumwater T-Birds (5-0 overall)

Last week: #4 (+1)
Previous game: Beat Columbia River, 54-14
Next game: @ Centralia (2-2 overall) – Tiger Stadium, Centralia – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Easton Trakel is back for the T-Birds after missing the first four weeks of the season, giving the T-Birds even more firepower. They showed that off by hammering Columbia River. They kick off their 2A EvCo schedule on Friday against Centralia who didn’t play last week after Centralia High School was evacuated because of a threat.

4. Black Hills Wolves (5-0 overall, 1-0 2A EvCo)

Last week: #2 (-2)
Previous game: Beat WF West, 24-21
Next game: vs. Port Angeles (1-4 overall) – Tumwater Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Wolves got the big win over WF West but it was the closest game any of the top four teams have played this season, hence the slight drop in the power rankings. This week they host Port Angeles and should blow them out, but after that it really gets tough. This week is their last home game, they take on undefeated Kelso in a non-league road game on the 16th and then are the road team in the Pioneer Bowl on the 23rd before ending the season at Centralia.

5. Tenino Beavers (4-1 overall, 2-1 2A/1A Evergreen)

Last week: #5 (no change)
Previous game: Beat Forks, 47-14
Next game: @ Aberdeen (0-3 2A/1A EvCo 0-5 overall) – Stewart Field, Aberdeen – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Last season, after they lost to Hoquiam, the Beavers lost five of their next six games including losses to Elma and Forks. This season, the Beavers bounced back from their loss to the Grizzlies and have buried both the Eagles and the Spartans (a game in which they didn’t even throw a pass). Next up is Aberdeen, who they should also bury, before finishing with Eatonville, Montesano and Rochester.

6. Rainier Mountaineers (3-2 overall, 2-2 2B Pacific)

Last week: #6 (no change)
Previous game: Lost to North Beach, 54-22
Next game: @ Tacoma Baptist (1-4 2B Pacific, 1-3 overall) – Viking Stadium, University Place – Saturday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Mountaineers led #3 North Beach 22-20 at the half before the Hyaks took control. Now Rainier has both Raymond and North Beach past them, they can focus on four winable games ahead of them, the biggest of which is in two weeks when they host Life Christian.

7. North Thurston Rams (3-2 overall, 2-1 3A Narrows)

Last week: #7 (no change)
Previous game: Beat Foss, 28-7
Next game: vs. Lincoln (3-0 3A Narrows, 5-0 overall) – South Sound Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Rams got the easy win over Foss, as they should have, but now Lincoln comes to town. The #3 team in 3A will be without their star quarterback, Joey Sinclair, but Willie Hamilton has filled in nicely for the Abes.

8. Rochester Warriors (3-2 overall, 2-1 2A/1A Evergreen)

Last week: #10 (+2)
Previous game: Beat Aberdeen, 27-6
Next game: @ Eatonville ( 1-2 2A/1A Evergreen, 2-3 overall) – Eatonville HS – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Rochester beat two of the three 2A teams that they played this season but because of their loss to Black Hills and Elma, they are out of the playoffs. Maybe it doesn’t really matter because the next four weeks are really tough. Eatonville this week, then Montesano, Hoquiam and Tenino to finish the season.

9. Capital Cougars (1-4 overall, 1-2 3A Narrows)

Last week: #8 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Central Kitsap, 31-20
Next game: vs. Wilson (2-1 3A Narrows, 2-3 overall) – Ingersoll Stadium – Friday, 7:30 PM

Notes: According to the computer, Capital is the #33 team in 3A despite their 1-4 record. At #30, #31 and #32 are three 4-1 teams, Mountlake Terrace, Hanford and Cleveland. That tells you a lot about the strength of their schedule over the first five weeks. Do not be surprised if the Cougars ran the table from here on out to finish 5-4. Wilson, Mount Tahoma, North Thurston and Shelton are all very winnable games.

10. Shelton Highclimbers (2-3 overall, 1-2 3A Narrows)

Last week: #9 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Wilson, 24-23
Next game: vs. Central Kitsap (3-0 3A Narrows, 3-2 overall) – Highclimbers Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Highclimbers came within inches of beating Wilson despite being thoroughly dominated on both sides of the ball by the Rams. Shelton gained just 128 yards total while Wilson gained 204 yards on 10-of-15 third down conversions. The Highclimbers took advantage of special teams mistakes before two special teams mistakes of their own doomed them in the end. Still, this team could beat Central Kitsap this weekend and finish with winnable games against North Thurston, Mount Tahoma and Capital.

11. Timberline Blazers (1-4 overall, 1-2 4A Narrows)

Last week: #10 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Bellarmine, 33-6
Next game: vs. Gig Harbor (3-0 4A Narrows, 5-0 overall) – South Sound Stadium – Thursday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Bellarmine last week, Gig Harbor this week. Ouch. They get Stadium, Puyallup and South Kitsap in the final three weeks.

12. Yelm Tornadoes (3-2 overall, 1-2 4A Narrows)

Last week: #10 (-2)
Previous game: Lost to Stadium, 40-37
Next game: @ Evergreen (2-3 overall) – Mckenzie Stadium, Vancouver – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Brandon Thompson rushed for four touchdowns but the Tornadoes fell after a late Stadium touchdown. They travel to Vancouver for a non-league game this week but face Bellarmine, Gig Harbor and Olympia over the last three weeks with only one of those at home. Oof.

Tuesday Scores and Standings Update

Girls Soccer
Olympia 4, Timberline 1

4A Narrows League Standings
 1. Gig Harbor............6-0
 2. Bellarmine............5-1
 3. Stadium...............4-2
 4. Yelm..................2-3
    South Kitsap..........2-3
 6. Olympia...............1-5
 7. Timberline............0-6

Capital 11, Foss 0
North Thurston 7, Mount Tahoma 1

3A Narrows League Standings
 1. Capital.............6-0-1
    Central Kitsap......6-0-1
 3. North Thurston........5-2
 4. Wilson................4-3
 5. Mount Tahoma..........3-4
 6. Shelton...............2-5
 7. Lincoln.............0-6-1
 8. Foss................0-6-1

Black Hills 5, Centralia 1
Tumwater 3, WF West 0

2A Evergreen Conference Standings
 1. Tumwater..............2-0
 2. Black Hills...........1-1
    WF West...............1-1
 4. Centralia.............0-2

Franklin Pierce 3, River Ridge 2

2A SPSL Standings
 1. White River...........7-0
 2. Fife..................6-1
 3. Franklin Pierce.......5-2
 4. Steilacoom............4-3
 5. Orting................3-4
 6. River Ridge...........2-5
 7. Washington............1-6
 8. Clover Park...........0-7

High School Volleyball

Timberline 3, Yelm 0 (25-14, 25-7, 25-23)

4A Narrows League Standings
 1. Bellarmine............7-0
 2. Timberline............6-1
 3. Olympia...............4-2
 4. Gig Harbor............4-3
 5. South Kitsap..........2-5
 6. Stadium...............1-6
 7. Yelm..................0-7

Tumwater 3, WF West 0 (25-15, 25-13, 25-15)
Black Hills 3, Centralia 0 (20-25, 25-17, 25-23, 18-25, 15-12)

2A Evergreen Standings
 1. Tumwater..............1-0
    Black Hills...........1-0
 3. Centralia.............0-1
    WF West...............0-1

Northwest Christian 3, South Bend 2 (23-25, 25-17, 25-12, 23-25, 15-12)

2B Pacific Standings
 1. Northwest Christian...4-0
 3. Life Christian........3-0
 4. Raymond...............2-0
 5. Willapa Valley........3-1
 6. South Bend............1-2
 7. North Beach...........1-3
 9. Chief Leschi..........0-3
    Tacoma Baptist........0-3
 11. Ilwaco...............0-4

College Volleyball
Seattle Pacific 3, Saint Martin’s 0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-16) – Box Score

Great Northwest Athletic Conference Standings
 1. Alaska Anchorage......6-0
    Western Washington....6-0
 3. Central Washington....5-1
 4. Northwest Nazarene....4-2
 5. Simon Fraser..........3-3
 6. Seattle Pacific.......3-4
 7. Concordia.............2-4
    Alaska Fairbanks......2-4
 9. Western Oregon........1-5
 11. Saint Martin's.......1-6

Monday Scores and Standings Update: 3A Narrows and 2A SPSL Volleyball

High School Volleyball
Capital 3, Wilson 0 (26-24, 25-15, 25-15)
North Thurston 3, Foss 0 (25-14, 25-13, 25-7)

3A Narrows League Standings
 1. North Thurston...8-0
 2. Central Kitsap...7-1
 3. Capital..........6-2
 4. Shelton..........5-3
 5. Lincoln..........3-5
 6. Wilson...........2-6
 7. Mount Tahoma.....1-7
 8. Foss.............0-8

Fife 3, River Ridge 0 (25-10, 25-12, 25-15)

2A SPSL Standings
1. White River.......7-0
2. Franklin Pierce...6-1
3. Steilacoom........5-2
4. Fife..............4-3
5. Orting............3-4
6. Washington........2-5
7. Clover Park.......1-6
8. River Ridge.......0-7

PHOTO GALLERY: 2015-2016 Artesians Tryouts

Weekend Scores: Saints and Geoducks Pick Up Conference Wins

Men’s Soccer
Saint Martin’s 2, Western Washington 1 – Box Score

Kyle Witzel and Austin Yon scored second half goals to lead Saint Martin’s to a 2-1 win over Western Washington in Bellingham on Saturday night. The Saints picked up their first GNAC win of the season and their first win against Western since 2011. Nick Rosato made three saves in goal for SMU. The Saints are now 1-4-0 in the GNAC and 2-6-0 overall.

Evergreen 11, Walla Walla 0 – Box Score

Tanner Williams and Juan Lopez each tallied a hat trick in Evergreen’s 11-0 dismantling of CCC newcomer Walla Walla on Saturday night. Juan Oropeza, Ziggy Awad, Ryan Porch and Connor Beck all got in on the action with goals in the romp. Angel Guerra recorded the shutout in goal for the Geoducks who improved to 7-1-0 overall and 4-1-0 in CCC play.

Tacoma CC 3, SPSCC 0 – Box Score

Olympia High School alum Connor Desmond scored the first goal and another Oly grad, Evan Munn, made four saves for Tacoma Community College to lead them to a 3-0 win over SPSCC on Saturday in Tacoma. Brock Leeper made four saves for the Clippers.

Women’s Soccer

Montana State-Billings 4, Saint Martin’s 1 – Box Score

College Volleyball

Evergreen 3, Walla Walla 0 (25-15, 25-21, 25-22) Box Score

Girls Soccer

Black Hills 4, Timberline 1

Friday Scores: Four Unbeaten Teams Stay Unbeaten; Geoducks Roll in Portland

High School Football
Wilson 24, Shelton 23

Tyler Giraldes scored on a one yard run with 1:04 left to play pulled Shelton to within a point, 24-23. But Wilson got a finger on the PAT to drive it wide right and preserve the one point lead. Shelton recovered the onside kick and drove down to the 13 yard line after a penalty wiped out a Wilson interception. With nine seconds left, Cody Bragg’s field goal hit the right upright and fell no good and the Wilson Rams held on to take the big 3A Narrows League win.

Wilson out gained the Highclimbers 360 yards to 128 yards on offense and they converted 10-of-15 3rd downs with 204 yards on those plays. Elijah Jones ran for 134 yards and two touchdowns.

But the Rams turned over the ball four times leading to ten Highclimbers points. Two of those turnovers were on special teams with a fumble on a punt and a fumble on a kickoff. They also allowed a 99 yard kickoff return touchdown to Colton Paller, had a punt blocked and couldn’t recover the onside kick with a minute left in the game.

Shelton fell to 1-2 in the 3A Narrows League and 2-3 overall while the Rams improved to 2-1 in league and 2-3 overall.

In other action…
Black Hills 24, WF West 21 | Wolves 5-0 on Furu’s 30 yard touchdown run.
Central Kitsap 31, Capital 20 | Capital fell to 1-4 overall, 1-2 in league.
North Thurston 28, Foss 7 | Sibley and Morgan with two touchdowns apiece.
Olympia 32, Issaquah 14 | Scott Gunther runs for four touchdowns. Bears 5-0.
North Beach 54, Rainier 22 | Rainer led 22-20 at halftime.
River Ridge 40, White River 6 | Hawks 5-0 for the first time.
Rochester 27, Aberdeen 6
Tenino 47, Forks 14 | Beavers move to 4-1 overall.
Bellarmine 33, Timberline 6 | Blazers now 1-4, 1-2 in league.
Tumwater 54, Columbia River 14 | Jarid Barrett runs for four touchdowns.
Stadium 40, Yelm 37 | Brandon Thompson runs for four TDs in loss.

Men’s Soccer

Evergreen 7, Multnomah 0 – Box Score

Evergreen moved to 6-1-0 overall and 3-1-0 in the CCC with a 7-0 win over CCC newcomer Multnomah. Juan Lopez and Issa Hassan each scored twice and Ziggy Awad, Nate Boatright and Willie Spurr each added goals in the easy win. The Geoducks held a 29-6 shots advantage with 16 on goal compared to just two for the Lions.

Week Five High School Football Schedule


I keep losing track of time and forgetting to get my girls picks. My apologies. Will make it a point next week because without their picks, I don’t know how to look at these games.

Anyway, here is the full schedule with broadcast information.


Black Hills Wolves @ WF West Bearcats
Bearcats Stadium, Chehalis – 7:00 PM | Radio: KELA

Capital Cougars @ Central Kitsap Cougars
Silverdale Stadium – 7:30 PM

North Thurston Rams @ Foss Falcons
Mount Tahoma Stadium, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Olympia Bears vs. Issaquah Eagles
Ingersoll Stadium – 7:00 PM

Rainier Mountaineers @ North Beach Hyaks
North Beach HS – 7:00 PM

River Ridge Hawks vs. White River Hornets
South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM | Webcast: Eli Sports

Rochester Warriors vs. Aberdeen Bobcats
Rochester HS – 7:00 PM

Shelton Highclimbers @ Wilson Rams
Stadium Bowl, Tacoma – 7:00 PM | Radio: KMAS

Tenino Beavers vs. Forks Spartans
Tenino Stadium – 7:00 PM | Radio: Forks 1490

Timberline Blazers @ Bellarmine Lions
Memorial Stadium, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Tumwater T-Birds vs. Columbia River Chieftains
Tumwater Stadium – 7:00 PM | Webcast: Eli Sports

Yelm Tornadoes vs. Stadium Tigers
Yelm HS – 7:00 PM

Monday to Thursday Scoreboard

I have been slow to post scores this week, so let’s catch everybody up in a big way…

High School Volleyball
Capital 3, Lincoln 1 (21-25, 25-23, 25-19, 27-25)
North Thurston 3, Mount Tahoma 0 (25-12, 25-5, 25-13)
Columbia River 3, Black Hills 0

Tumwater 3, Kelso 0 (25-14, 25-11, 25-20)
Timberline 3, Olympia 1 (25-15, 13-25, 25-15, 25-15)
Northwest Christian 3, Ilwaco 0 (25-6, 25-21, 25-11)
Steilacoom 3, River Ridge 0 (25-8, 25-10, 25-12)
Prairie 3, Black Hills 2

Capital 3, Shelton 0 (25-14, 25-18, 25-20)

Timberline 3, Gig Harbor 2 (17-25, 26-24, 18-25, 25-16, 15-11)
Olympia 3, South Kitsap 0 (25-17, 25-4, 25-18)
North Thurston 3, Wilson 0 (25-10, 25-12, 25-10)
Northwest Christian 3, Rainier 0 (25-11, 25-21, 25-13)
Washington 3, River Ridge 0 (25-15, 26-24, 24-14)

Girls Soccer

Capital 3, North Thurston 1
Yelm 3, Timberline 0
Olympia 1, Tumwater 1
Orting 3, River Ridge 2
Prairie 3, Black Hills 0

Capital 1, Central Kitsap 1
North Thurston 1, Wilson 0
Yelm 3, Olympia 1
Stadium 6, Timberline 2
Fife 5, River Ridge 1
Columbia River 2, Black Hills 1

College Volleyball

Northwest 3, Evergreen 0 (25-12, 29-27, 25-15) – Box Score

Alaska Fairbanks 3, Saint Martin’s 2 (25-17, 25-15, 24-26, 20-25, 15-7) – Box Score

Women’s Soccer

Concordia 2, Saint Martin’s 0 – Box Score

Trinity Lutheran 3, Evergreen 1 – Box Score

Men’s Soccer

Highline 5, SPSCC 0 – Box Score

Simon Fraser 4, Saint Martin’s 0 – Box Score

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