Week Two: My Girls’ Expert High School Football Picks


In week one, my seven year-old daughter went 7-3 and my four year-old went 6-4 with their expert high school football picks. They are back once again this week and at least one of them finally has come to understand that Tumwater is the best team in the area. The T-Birds have been their Achilles heal over the years. Perhaps that will jinx the T-Birds tonight against Timberline, but probably not.

Here is tonight’s full high school football schedule with broadcast information and my daughter’s lock it down predictions:


Black Hills Wolves @ Rochester Warriors
Rochester HS – 7:00 PM

Rory: Warriors – “Because they can crush everything with their big weapons!”
Addie: Warriors – “Yeah, same thing.”

Capital Cougars @ Olympia Bears

Ingersoll Stadium – 7:30 PM | KGY

Rory: Bears – “Because we live in Olympia and Bears can bite the Cougars. They can sneak up on them and bite their butts!”
Addie: Bears – “Yeah, that sounds amazing Rory!”

Rainier Mountaineers vs. Kittitas Coyotes

Rainier HS – 7:00 PM

Addie: Coyotes – “When the Mountaineers come back down the mountain, the Coyotes will be waiting down there so when they try to attack them, they just bowl on back up to the mountain and hit the other team instead of them.”
Rory: Coyotes – “They can run really fast and bite the Mountaineers butts.”
Addie: “Who’s cute? You’re cute. Who’s cute? You’re cute…
Rory: “Maaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh…”
Addie: “Yes yes yes. Bite the Mountaineers butts!”

River Ridge Hawks @ North Thurston Rams

South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM

Addie: Hawks – “They can go up really high and swoop down on to them and poke them.”
Rory: Rams – “It should be the male sheep with big horns because they can poke the other team when they are flying and they are trying to swoop down, the sheep can poke them.

Shelton Highclimbers vs. Sumner Spartans

Highclimbers Stadium – 7:00 PM | KMAS

Rory: Highclimbers – “They can climb trees and then jump on the warriors head. They can jump on them and squish them like a pancake!”
Addie: Highclimbers – “They can climb trees and then cut down the trees and it will land on them. Armor is not strong enough for tree branches. Like, all the really big tree branches.”

Tenino Beavers @ Castle Rock Rockets

Castle Rock HS – 7:00 PM

Rory: Beavers – “The Beavers can knock down the Rockets. They can chew on the tree and when it comes down, they can bonk down the Rockets.”
Addie: Rockets – “The Beavers can’t climb trees so if they go up trees then they can just land and pretend to crash and they will hit the Beavers, BOOM…BOOM BOOM.”

Timberline Blazers @ Tumwater T-Birds

Tumwater Stadium – 7:30 PM | Eli Sports and ROOT Sports TV

Addie: T-Birds – “They can fly up high and when they see them trying to look for them, they can hide and then surprise them so they run away.”
Rory: Blazers – “Because they can shoot and then they can spy on them then….wait, what are Blazers Daddy?”

Yelm Tornadoes vs. Foss Falcons

Yelm HS – 7:00 PM

Addie: Tornadoes – “They can get the Falcons all up in a big huddle, put them all together and spread them everywhere.”
Rory: Tornadoes – “Because they can swoop up the other team and then they can swoop them away to somewhere where they can’t win.”

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