How Not To Tweet 3: A November to Remember

Oh boy, I hate to have to do these posts but I think it is important to point out that even if you think what you are posting on Twitter is private, it isn’t.

All of these tweets come from a 2013 local high school graduate who will be playing sports at an NWAACC community college. I’m not outing his name or school, though I easily could, but using this as a warning to others to think about what you tweet. I followed him before he protected his account so I was grandfathered into still seeing his tweets.

I’m not even really upset about the drugs, I think weed makes you boring and stupid but I don’t think it is particularly dangerous. But none of these tweets from an 18-19 year old paint a very good picture and reflect poorly on him, his high school program, his current college program and are generally repulsive and could negatively affect his life if his current coach, athletic department, future coaches or employers or less non-narc-y media types see them.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s start out with a doozie. No doubt about this one…


Sure, tweet about your favorites…



Oh boy, his mission statement…


He is very fond of gravity bongs (had to Google and Urban Dictionary GBs)





I can only imagine what it is like for his neighbors…


I had to Google snappers


Unicorn pipes at Up in Smoke? Perfect thing for a college athlete!


Oh, he’s a government conspiracy guy too…


Even if these tweets don’t out this kid at some point, I’m sure his jacket will…


He’d better not wear that jacket back home…


He often tweets about how he has no money and has to eat terrible food or get money and food from his family. Gee, I wonder why you have no money…




This one was a head slapper…


I think he may have seen his future…


And here is one of the most damaging tweets he has ever sent, in which he implicates a current high school athlete. And worst of all, that athlete responded on his own public profile…


At least we can agree on something…


So there you have it. Another collection of stupid drug tweets from a college athlete. All of these tweets except for a couple are just from November. That’s just 19 days of stupidity. And that’s not all of them, these are just the highlights (see what I did there?).

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