How not to tweet

HowNotToTweetWhat you see above is the Twitter timeline of an 18 year old local athlete that is off to play community college sports this season. This is just a sampling of how his Saturday night went.

I follow a lot of young athletes on Twitter, a couple of high school students and quite a few college students, and though most of them are actually pretty savvy when it comes to social media, sometimes I find some pretty stupid things.

This was probably the dumbest set of tweets I’ve ever seen from an athlete that I follow and it is a good opportunity to remind people that nothing you do online is private. He has his account set to protected but I followed him when I heard he was going to play sports in college before he protected his account. Even if you protect your account, anybody that followed you before you set it to protected can still see all your tweets. So I can see all of his drunk tweets, all of his tweets about smoking weed and all of his tweets about his coach. You know, the stuff he probably doesn’t want me, his parents, his coach or his future coaches/employers to see.

So please, tweet smart. Have fun, but take it easy.

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