Evergreen Premier League: Let’s bring a team to Olympia

epl-posterOur friend David Falk over at goalWA.net has launched an ambitious and exciting campaign to create a low cost, semi-pro level men’s soccer league for Washington State and Olympia is one of the big targets for the Evergreen Premier League.

From the EPLWA introductory post on goalWA.net…

“The idea behind the Evergreen Premier League is to form a league of ten clubs around the state that would play 18 matches from May through July. The league would not be specifically ‘developmental’ in terms of players. There would be no age limits or restrictions. It would be a higher, statewide level of what some of the current adult leagues in various cities are doing. It would value soccer culture and club culture, putting importance on crests, colors, scarves, pubs, community connections, as well as the soccer.”

This is the type of team and league that I think would be ideal for Olympia and I want in. I don’t have the resources or soccer experience to be a team owner but I certainly could team with someone that does have that experience to make a team in Olympia be the best it can be. I can offer my media expertise, marketing experience and unbridled energy and enthusiasm for a team in Olympia.

Let’s do this. If this sounds good to you, please visit the EPLWA Facebook page and then contact me, Brandon Sparks, at olysportsblog@gmail.com and David Falk at goalWA@gmail.com.

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  1. What would be the functional difference between the Tumwater Pioneers (our SSFC Shock) and an outdoor semi-pro team?

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