PHOTO GALLERY: Northwest Fight Challenge XVI

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Northwest Fight Challenge XVI featured 13 bouts in front of a near capacity crowd last night at South Sound Sports Center. New laws enacted by the State of Washington tripped some fighters up and a couple of regulated MMA bouts had to be changed to unregulated Muay Thai Kickboxing bouts because the fighters were not licensed through the state to fight MMA, but those fights turned out to be some of the more brutal, thrilling bouts of the night.

Here are the results from Northwest Fight Challenge XVI…

1. David Gines defeated Rocky Olsen – First round tapout
2. Marcus Mendoza defeated Brian Spears
3. Talon Hammons defeated Ryan Edwards
4. Luis Gomez faced Hector Lopez – I Missed the decision of this bout
5. Steve Pederson defeated Josh Cristelli
6. Josh Bean defeated Bryan Reiser
7. Thomas Pierce defeated Curtis Iglesias
8. Nick Coughran defeated Sefo Nansen
9. Julien Martin defeated Armondo Best
10. Joe Briggs defeated Jason Swan
11. Marquis Bryant defeated Omar Petty – TKO after 16 seconds
12. J.D. Cullens defeated Matt Juarez
13. Nick Ryan defeated Woo Johnson – TKO after the first round

Thank you to Dani Shank Johnson and the Academy of Brian Johnson for access and for putting on a well organized (despite a couple of snafus including the fan that collapsed, it looked bad but it sounds like he just fainted) and exciting event.

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