Capital Stage Race Viewers Guide

The Capital Stage Race returns to the Olympia area tomorrow morning and runs for three days with the final stage taking place on Sunday. 200-300 cyclists will compete in the four stage event that starts with a ten mile loop in and around the Capitol State Forest on Friday, moves to downtown Olympia for stage two and three on Saturday and ends with a 47-90 mile ride from Grand Mound to Elma and back on Sunday.

Emmett O’Connell of Olympia Time sent me this tweet earlier this week…

And so today I took a little drive out to where the first stage and fourth stages are taking place to scout it out and see if I can help. So here’s a little viewers guide to the Capital Stage Race, I hope this helps.

Stage One – Friday

Stage One Map (Tried to embed maps but the embed option on the website doesn’t seem to work with my blog)

Stage one starts and ends at the Middle Waddell Trailhead in the Capitol State Forest. The Trailhead and campground itself and the surrounding area will be full of vehicles and probably won’t be the most convenient place to see the race (and you’ll need a Discover Pass to park there) but Waddell Creek Road from the campground to where the racers turn at 105th has nice wide shoulders that would be a good place to park and watch from.

The best place to watch, depending on how they close the road for the race, is probably near the Littlerock Fire Rescue station at the corner of Delphi and 103rd. It’s a nice, flat, straight section of road that the cyclists will be flying down and there is easy parking and access from town. Coming from Tumwater on Littlerock Road, turn right onto 110th and then left onto Delphi.

Stage one starts at 11:00 AM with the category 4/5 men with categories leaving the trailhead every five minutes until 11:15. After those categories clear, the racing continues with advanced riders starting with the Pro 1/2 men’s division at 3:15 PM. Ian Mensher of Keller Rohrback Cycling won the Pro 1/2 men’s race last year and Laura Chang of won the women’s pro race.

Stage Two – Saturday morning

Stage Two Map

Stage two is a 3.6 mile, flat ground time trial that begins and ends at Heritage Park in downtown Olympia. The best place to watch the time trial is anywhere along Deschutes Parkway on the banks of Capital Lake. Stage two starts at 7:00 AM and pros get started at 10:30 AM. Last year Dustin Van Wyck of Farestart p/b Cobalt Mortgage won the Pro 1/2 men’s time trial completing the course in 7:01.27 while Jessica Cutler of Cucina Fresca Cycling won the women’s pro trial at 8:01.10.

Stage Three – Saturday afternoon

Stage Three Map

The .70 mile Capital Criterium makes up stage three at the Washington State Capitol Campus on Saturday afternoon. The best place to watch the Capital Criterium is anywhere along the route on the Capitol Campus. The Junior C/D division starts things off at 1:40 PM and following a kids race at 4:40, the pros get underway at 4:55. Colin Gibson of Hagens Berman Cycling won the men’s pro Criterium last year and Laura Chang took her second stage in the Criterium in the women’s pro division.

Stage Four – Sunday

Stage Four Map

Where to watch the final stage all depends on who you want to see. Everybody starts and ends at Rochester Primary School and there is plenty of parking at either Rochester Primary or Ground Mound Elementary. The morning races do a 47 mile loop while the more advanced riders do either a 67 mile race or a 90 mile race (men’s 1/2/3 categories). If you want to see the advanced riders, one good spot to see them is on South Bank Road off of State Route 12 or, if you want to see the men at the halfway point, head to the Satsop Business Park. Racing starts at 9:30 AM for the 47 mile loop riders while the Pro 1/2 Men start the advanced riders at 1:20 PM. The pro men should reach the halfway mark in Satsop somewhere around 2:30. Logan Owen of Hagen Berman Cycling won the men’s pro division last year with a 3:32:39 time while Jessica Cutler won her second stage with a 3:45:45 time.

The overall winner of the Capital Stage Race Pro 1/2 men’s division was Brian Williams of the Northern Rockies Orthopaedics team while Ian Mensher took second place. Jessica Cutler won the women’s pro divisions.

For more information and more start times, visit the Capital Stage Race website and download the Technical Guide.

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