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Schedule for Monday, September 29th

Friday Football Scores: Bears Practically Perfect, Punish Blazers

Olympia 38, Timberline 6
Ingersoll Stadium 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Blazers (1-1 4A Narrows, 2-2 overall) 0 6 0 0 6
Bears (2-0 4A Narrows, 3-1 overall) 14 21 3 0 38
Olympia: Isaiah Brooks – 130 yards rushing, 3 TDs; Kaden Wilson – 2 TDs (1 rush, 1 pass)


South Kitsap 20, Yelm 19
Yelm Tornadoes Stadium 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Wolves (1-1 4A Narrows, 2-2 overall) 0 7 7 6 47
Tornadoes (0-2 4A Narrows, 2-2 overall) 3 10 0 6 21
Y: Brandon Thompson – 2 rushing TDs | SK: Touchdown as time expired


Capital 32, Foss 13
Mount Tahoma Stadium, Tacoma 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Cougars (1-1 3A Narrows, 2-2 overall) 10 7 7 8 32
Falcons (1-1 3A Narrows, 1-3 overall) 7 0 14 0 21
 CAP: Connor Kennedy – 307 yards, 4 TDs


River Ridge 40, Orting 31
South Sound Stadium 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Cardinals (1-1 2A SPSL, 1-3 overall) 0 7 10 14 31
Hawks (1-1 2A SPSL, 3-1 overall) 10 7 14 9 40
RR: Michael Key – 2 rushing TDs | Chris Leiba – 2 TD catches 


Rainier 25, Ocosta 2
Westport, WA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Mountaineers (2-1 2B Pacific, 3-1 overall) 18 7 0 0 25
Wildcats (2-2 2B Pacific, 2-2 overall) 0 2 0 0 2
RAIN: Nathan Anderson – 2 TDs (kick return, interception)


Rochester 25, Forks 18
Rochester HS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Spartans (0-2 2A/1A Evergreen, 1-3 overall) 3 7 0 8 18
Warriors (2-0 2A/1A Evergreen, 2-2 overall) 14 3 0 8 25
ROCH: Jimenez pass to McLemore for TD with less than a minute left


Columbia River 45, Black Hills 7
CR: 4-0 overall | BH: 2-2 overall


Elma 44, Tenino 14
ELMA: 1-1 2A/1A Evergreen, 2-2 overall | TEN: 0-2 2A/1A Evergreen, 2-2 overall)


Tumwater 49, Lake City (Idaho) 24
TUM: 4-0 overall | LC: 4-1 overall


Lincoln 62, Shelton 0
LIN: 2-0 3A Narrows, 4-0 overall | SHEL: 0-2 3A Narrows, 1-3 overall

Week 4: My Girls’ Expert High School Football Picks

FullSizeRenderLast week Addie (my six year old daughter)went 6-4 while Rory (my three year old daughter) went 4-6. Addie is now 10-10 this season while Rory has her bested at 12-8.

They are back once again this week with their expert picks. So here is the full Friday Night Lights schedule with radio information and the best picks from a three year old and a six year old that money can buy…


Tumwater T-Birds vs. Lake City (Idaho) Timberwolves
Tumwater Stadium – 7:00 PM – Webcast: Eli Sports

Rory’s pick: Timberwolves – “Because they will hop up and eat ‘em. That’s all.”
Addie’s pick: T-Birds – “They’d come down and when they were running for the ball and bouncing up and down, the T-Birds would land on their back and poke them and then they’d do a really funny dance.”

Timberline Blazers @ Olympia Bears

Ingersoll Stadium – 7:00 PM – Radio: KMAS 92.9 FM

Rory’s pick: Bears – “They would stop on their back and put their claws in their back and poke them with their sharp claws.”
Addie’s pick: Blazers – “They will cut down and tree, and the Bears will yell ‘Uh oh, Spaghetti O’s!’ and run back into the woods.

Tenino Beavers vs. Elma Eagles

Tenino Stadium – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Beavers – “Where the Eagles were living there, the Beavers would bite on their trees and the tree would fall down and the birds would get….dead. That’s all.”
Addie’s pick: Beavers – “When the Eagles are walking around trying to find food on the ground, the Beavers will walk over and say softly ‘uh oh, Spaghetti-O’s, there are those Eagles’ and then they will cut down a tree and the Eagles will yell ‘gahhhhh’ and run in every direction.

River Ridge Hawks vs. Orting Cardinals

South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Cardinals – “They will chirp a lot and the Hawks will scream ‘THAT’S LOUD, THAT’S LOUD’ and they would fly away from home.”
Addie’s pick: Cardinals – “They would say ‘hey, let’s go sneak up on the them” then they would fly very softly over to the other team and then in their ears go ‘BAHHHHHHHHHHH’. Then the Hawks would go ‘AHHHH’ and fly over the ocean to another state.”

Rainier Mountaineers @ Ocosta Wildcats

Ocosta HS, Westport – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Wildcats – “They would go running and running and running and they would knock down the other team like bowling pins.”
Addie’s pick: Wildcats – “The Wildcats will already be on the mountain and then they will run so fast that they get to the Mountaineers and grab all their Mountaineering stuff and jump on to a rock and drop it.”

Black Hills Wolves @ Columbia River Chieftains

Chieftain Stadium, Vancouver – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Wolves – “They would run, run, run, run, run all the way and would howl at the moon going “AWWOOOOO” and they would go whisper ‘awooooo’ and then they would run down the mountain and they would knock down the Chieftains and they would be dead.”
Addie’s pick: Chieftains – “They will already be ready for the Wolves to come and they will go ‘FIRE’ and all the arrows will fire at the Wolves and the Wolves would go ‘UH OH, SPAGHETTI-O’S’ and run back up the mountain and into their own touchdown.”

Capital Cougars @ Foss Falcons

Mount Tahoma Stadium, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Cougars – “They would run up and bite the birds.”
Addie’s pick: Cougars – “They would climb up a tree where the birds nest is but they wouldn’t have any babies so they wouldn’t eat the babies and when the Falcons came back they would say ‘uh oh’ and kick the nest down.”

Yelm Tornadoes vs. South Kitsap Wolves

Yelm HS – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Wolves – “They would run up and whisper ‘ahhhh, awoooo’ and they would go down a tiny, tiny hill and ride a tricycle and knock them down.”
Addie’s pick: Tornadoes – “When the Wolves tried to do what Rory said, the Tornadoes would go ‘RRRRR’ and the Wolves would go ‘WHOA WHOA WHOA’ inside the Tornado.”

Rochester Warriors vs. Forks Spartans

Rochester HS – 7:00 PM – Radio: Forks1490

Rory’s pick: Spartans – “They would use their forks and poke them in the eyeball.”
Addie’s pick: Spartans – “They would be holding their forks backwards, but they wouldn’t poke them, they’d just push them backwards until they scored a touchdown.”

Shelton Highclimbers @ Lincoln Abes

Lincoln Bowl, Tacoma – 7:00 PM

Rory’s pick: Abes – “The other team would do the wrong thing and Abraham Lincoln would call the police and the police would arrest them.”
Addie’s pick: Highclimbers – “The Abes would tell them to not cut down anymore trees but they would do the opposite and the tree would fall on Abraham Lincoln and he would say ‘I need a bunch of wrestlers to get this off of me!”

Schedule for Thursday, September 25th

Schedule for Thursday, September 25th

High School Volleyball
Olympia vs. Gig Harbor – Olympia HS – 7:00 PM
Pope John Paul II vs. Firm Foundation – Saint Michael’s Gym – 7:00 PM
Black Hills vs. Prairie – Black Hills HS – 7:00 PM
Northwest Christian vs. Tacoma Baptist – Northwest Christian HS – 7:00 PM

Girls Soccer
Capital vs. Lincoln – Ingersoll Stadium – 4:00 PM
Timberline vs. Gig Harbor – South Sound Stadium – 5:00 PM
North Thurston vs. Central Kitsap – South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM
Tumwater vs. Centralia – Tumwater Stadium – 7:00 PM

High School Football
North Thurston @ Central Kitsap – Silverdale Stadium – 7:15 PM

High School Football Power Rankings: T-Birds Still at #1, Blazers Jump Beavers for Second

The T-Birds sit atop the Oly Sports preseason power rankings.

The T-Birds are still #1

Last week I talked about how I expected a mediocre season from the majority of the teams in the Olympia area before the season started. Last week I said that I was pleasantly surprised at the quality so far.

That was before the locals went 4-8 over the weekend and previously unbeaten Tenino, River Ridge, Black Hills, Rainier and Yelm all dropped their first games. That sends the power rankings into disarray making it nearly impossible to move anybody up or down despite wins and losses.


1. Tumwater T-Birds (3-0)
Last week: #1 (No change)
Previous game: Beat La Center, 41-0
Next game: vs. Lake City, ID – Tumwater Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Not to take anything away from the T-Birds, but they did mop up on a 1A school on Friday night. Granted La Center has been a good 1A team but the difference between 2A and 1A is so great, it’s hard to believe they ever play each other. But the T-Birds are 3-0 and now face what will likely be their toughest opponent until they get to the state semifinals. Lake City of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho are 4-0 and are coming off of a 56-34 dismantling of ranked Shadle Park and their star quarterback Brett Rypien.

Timberline Blazers (2-1 overall, 1-0 4A Narrows)
Last week: #3 (+1)
Previous game: Beat Yelm, 31-7
Next game: @ Olympia – South Sound Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: With convincing wins over River Ridge and Yelm and a shoestring loss to the mighty Tumwater T-Birds, Timberline is looking good. But now they head into the meat of the 4A Narrows League with three weeks of unbelievably tough games. First up, Olympia on Friday night at Ingersoll Stadium then Bellarmine and Gig Harbor. I hate to say a game is a must win, but this game against Oly seems like a must win with the Lions and Tides looming large.

Tenino Beavers (2-1 overall, 0-1 2A/1A Evergreen)
Last week: #3 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Hoquiam, 36-21
Next game: vs. Elma – Tenino Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Really not sure what to think about the loss to Hoquiam. Just a hiccup early in the season or a sign of what is to come throughout the grind of the 2A/1A Evergreen season? They should get right against Elma this week.

River Ridge Hawks (2-1 overall, 0-1 2A SPSL)
Last week: #4 (No change)
Previous game: Lost to Franklin Pierce, 16-14
Next game: vs. Orting – South Sound Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The 2A SPSL will be even more intriguing after Franklin Pierce got a late field goal to knock off the speedy Hawks on Friday night. In a league that looks to be pretty even overall, the Hawks will need a win over an Orting team that might be better than their 1-2 record indicates.

Rainier Mountaineers (2-1 overall, 1-1 in 2B Pacific)
Last week: #5 (No change)
Previous game: Lost to Raymond, 42-0
Next game: @ Ocosta – Ocosta HS, Westport – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Welcome back to earth, Rainier. The first two weeks gave me a lot of confidence that the Mountaineers could compete with the two big names in the 2B Pacific but a 42-0 loss to Raymond showed you where this program is probably at. Still, I think they will likely be the third best team in the league behind Raymond and North Beach. Next up they get Ocosta. They were beaten 60-0 by a team that usually plays 8-man football, Neah Bay, and lost 50-0 to Life Christian before knocking off Chief Leschi 33-18 last week.

Black Hills Wolves (2-1 overall)
Last week: #6 (No change)
Previous game: Lost to North Kitsap, 26-7
Next game: @ Columbia River – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Wolves got beat by a ranked North Kitsap team and Chase Morrow finally looked human.

Capital Cougars (1-2 overall, 0-1 3A Narrows)
Last week: #7 (No change)
Previous game: Lost to Lincoln, 32-10
Next game: @ Foss – Mount Tahoma Stadium, Tacoma – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The difficulty of the first three weeks finally caught up to the Cougars as they struggled to stop the high powered Lincoln offense. They should get a little bit of a reprieve when they face Foss on Friday night.

Olympia Bears (2-1 overall, 1-0 4A Narrows)
Last week: #9 (+1)
Previous game: Beat South Kitsap, 34-17
Next game: vs. Timberline – Ingersoll Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: A nice win for the Bears knocking off South K in Port Orchard. Isaiah Brooks is one of the breakout stars of the season putting up 236 yards and two TDs last week. I’m looking forward to seeing how they deal with Gabe Gutierrez and Timberline on Friday night.

Yelm Tornadoes (2-1 overall, 0-1 4A Narrows)
Last week: #8 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Timberline, 31-7
Next game: vs. South Kitsap – Yelm HS – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Tornadoes have started quickly for three straight years but once they hit league play, it all comes crashing down. Facing Timberline in the league opener didn’t help. They hope to rebound at home against South Kitsap.

Rochester Warriors (1-2 overall, 1-0 2A/1A Evergreen)
Last week: #12 (+2)
Previous game: Beat Elma, 18-14
Next game: vs. Forks – Rochester HS – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Hard to get too excited about 2A Rochester beating 1A Elma 18-14 but a win is a win and Wyatt Singer had an outstanding game going for over 230 yards with two touchdowns.

Shelton Highclimbers (1-2 overall, 0-1 3A Narrows)
Last week: #10 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Foss, 26-13
Next game: @ Lincoln – Lincoln Bowl, Tacoma – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Highclimbers were competitive in this game and that’s a big difference from where they were last year. Still, the play calling was frustrating and the surprising lack of urgency at the end of the game was a head scratcher. They could have beaten Foss if not for some key penalties. They next head to Lincoln, which could be ugly.

North Thurston Rams (0-3, 0-1 3A Narrows)
Last week: #11 (-1)
Previous game: Lost to Wilson, 47-21
Next game: @ Central Kitsap – Silverdale Stadium – Thursday, 7:15 PM

Notes: North Thurston looked like they had turned things around after one half of football against Wilson taking a 21-6 lead into the locker room. But the Rams from Tacoma reeled off 41 unanswered points and the Rams of Lacey fell to 0-3 for the first time since 1984. 1984?!


Tuesday Scores: Good Night for Girls Soccer Squads

My apologies for nothing more extensive in this post. I was sick on Tuesday night and am still not feeling great this morning.

Men’s Soccer

Corban 3, Evergreen 0 – Box score
Geoduck Pitch 1st 2nd Final
Warriors (1-1-1 CCC, 3-3-1 overall) 1 2 3
Geoducks (2-1-0 CCC, 2-4-0 overall) 0 0 0

Girls Soccer

North Thurston 4, Shelton 1
Capital 3, Mount Tahoma 0
Black Hills 2, Timberline 1
Kelso 2, Tumwater 1
Olympia 2, Stadium 1
River Ridge 3, Washington 0

High School Volleyball

Bellarmine 3, Timberline 0 (25-19, 25-15, 25-9)
Olympia 3, Stadium 0 (25-13, 25-9, 25-12)
Emerald Ridge 3, Tumwater 2 (22-25, 27-29, 25-17, 25-11, 15-7)

Today (9/23): First Place Geoducks Men Hosts CCC Favorite Corban

Schedule for Tuesday, September 23rd

Men’s Soccer
Evergreen vs. Corban – Geoducks Pitch – 5:00 PM

The first place Evergreen Geoducks host Corban, the unanimous choice to win the Cascade Conference in the preseason poll, at Geoducks Pitch this afternoon. Corban enters the game at 0-1-1 in the CCC and are 2-3-1 overall.

Girls soccer
North Thurston vs. Shelton – South Sound Stadium – 5:00 PM
River Ridge vs. Washington – South Sound Stadium – 7:00 PM
Black Hills vs. Timberline – Tumwater Stadium – 7:00 PM
Olympia vs. Stadium – Ingersoll Stadium – 7:15 PM

Thursday Preps Scores: Blazers Roll Tornadoes; Bears Nip Tides; Cougs Sweep Rams

High School Football

Timberline 31, Yelm 7
South Sound Stadium 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
Tornadoes (0-1 4A Narrows, 2-1 overall) 0 0 0 7 7
Blazers (1-0 4A Narrows, 2-1 overall) 7 24 0 31

Gabe Gutierrez threw for a pair of touchdowns and Timberline used a 24 point second quarter to pick up an easy 4A Narrows League opener win over Yelm.

Girls Soccer

Olympia 1, Gig Harbor 0
OLY (1-1 4A Narrows) | GH (1-1 4A Narrows)


South Kitsap 2, Timberline 0
SK (2-0 4A Narrows) | TIM (0-2 4A Narrows)


North Thurston 7, Foss 0
NT (2-0 3A Narrows) | FOSS (0-2 4A Narrows)


Black Hills 1, North Kitsap 1
BH (2-1-1 overall) | NK (1-0-1 overall)


Olympic 2, Tumwater 1
OLY (2-0-0 overall) | TUM (2-1-1 overall)

High School Volleyball

Bellarmine 3, Olympia 0 (25-17, 25-13, 25-14)
BP (3-0 4A Narrows), OLY (1-1 4A Narrows)


Capital 3, North Thurston 0 (25-23, 25-12, 25-21)
CAP (3-0 3A Narrows), NT (2-1 3A Narrows)


Tumwater 3, Todd Beamer 0 (25-7, 28-26, 27-25)
TUM (2-2 overall) | TB (2-1 overall)


Franklin Pierce 3, River Ridge 0 (25-17, 25-5, 25-14)
FP (3-0 2A SPSL) | RR (1-2 2A SPSL)

High School Football Power Rankings: T-Birds Still On Top but Tenino Closes the Gap

The T-Birds sit atop the Oly Sports preseason power rankings.

The T-Birds are still #1

I predicted a pretty mediocre local high school football season, I have to admit. I figured Tumwater would be good (yeah, tough call) but wasn’t sold on Randy Swilley and Tenino and didn’t expect anything more than average from most of the other schools. But if the first two weeks are any indication, I could be very, happily wrong.

Tumwater stays #1 though Tenino is closing in after the T-Birds just barely pulled off a pair of victories. Meanwhile, Timberline is 1-1 but looks strong, River Ridge looks like the class of the 2A SPSL and Rainier is making waves as a 2B team.


1. Tumwater T-Birds (2-0)
Last week: #1 (no change)
Previous game: Beat Timberline, 35-33
Next game: vs. La Center – Tumwater Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Two weeks, two close calls for the T-Birds. Tumwater only won the game on Thursday night because Timberline killed themselves with penalties and once they compiled a few, didn’t get the benefit of the doubt from the officials on close calls. Like the play that sealed the win for Tumwater. A 4th down slant that was broken up on a hit that was either early or illegal and probably both but was not called.

Tenino Beavers (2-0)
Last week: #2 (no change)
Previous game: Beat Castle Rock, 39-19
Next game: vs. Hoquiam – Tenino Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Thomas Pier scored five touchdowns in virtually every way possible and the Beavers moved to 2-0 with two resounding victories. The single wing is working and Tenino is rolling. Still glad I don’t have to call any Tenino games, though. Next up: 1A Evergreen play when Hoquiam comes to town.

Timberline Blazers (1-1)
Last week: #3 (no change)
Previous game: Lost to Tumwater, 35-33
Next game: vs. Yelm – South Sound Stadium – Thursday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Timberline played well and nearly knocked off Tumwater. The difference was a missed PAT and a failed two-point conversion to make up for it in the second quarter. And multiple penalties at inopportune times that led t0 the officials calling everything close against the Blazers. Considering this is almost the same team that lost 44-0 to the T-Birds last year, you can see the strides that they have made and has to be one of the favorites now that 4A Narrows League play opens.

River Ridge Hawks (2-0)
Last week: #5 (+1)
Previous game: Beat North Thurston, 28-16
Next game: @ Franklin Pierce – Franklin Pierce HS, Tacoma – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: River Ridge knocked off North Thurston for the first time since 1998 and now look poised for a big season with the move to the 2A SPSL. The rest of the league is just 3-10 over the first two weeks and the Hawks open play against 0-2 Franklin Pierce on Friday.

Rainier Mountaineers (2-0 overall, 1-0 in 2B Pacific)
Last week: #6 (+1)
Previous game: Beat Kittitas, 33-0
Next game: vs. Raymond – Rainier HS – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Rainier defense has yet to give up a touchdown in wins over South Bend and Kittitas and are loving life as a 2B school. This week, they host what might be the game of the week in the South Sound when Raymond comes to town. The 2B Pacific comes down to Raymond, North Beach and the Mountaineers so this is one of the biggest games in a very, very long time for the Mountaineers.

Black Hills Wolves (2-0)
Last week: #7 (+1)
Previous game: Beat Rochester, 43-14
Next game: @ North Kitsap – North Kitsap HS, Poulsbo – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Chase Morrow threw for four more touchdowns and the junior quarterback who was slated to be the backup looks to be the real deal for the Wolves. However, they have played 1A Montesano and a team in Rochester that was 1A last year and is rebuilding after losing most of the top players to graduation. We’ll see where this Black Hills team is this week when they travel to Poulsbo to face a good North Kitsap team.

Capital Cougars (1-1)
Last week: #8 (+1)
Previous game: Beat Olympia, 17-7
Next game: vs. Lincoln – Ingersoll Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Cougars defense has been outstanding giving up just 14 points to high powered Tumwater and just seven to Olympia. They made stop after stop in the second half of the Spaghetti Bowl to lead them to the big rivalry win. The offense, however, is one dimensional. Connor Kennedy had almost all of the yardage in the first half and the majority of it in the second half. It worked against Olympia but it will really have to work against Lincoln this weekend.

Yelm Tornadoes (2-0)
Last week: #10 (+1)
Previous game: Beat Foss, 26-24
Next game: @ Timberline – South Sound Stadium – Thursday, 7:00 PM

Notes: The Tornadoes start fast, don’t they? With wins against better non-league opponents in Foss and Steilacoom compared to the last few years, there is a little bit of hope in Yelm. But that 4A Narrows League is tough and they will have to show something on Thursday night against Timberline to assuage my fears for their league season.

Olympia Bears (1-1)
Last week: #4 (-6)
Previous game: Lost to Capital, 17-7
Next game: @ South Kitsap – South Kitsap HS, Port Orchard – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Perhaps dropping the Bears this low isn’t fair. The Bears did drop a ranked team in the first week and were ranked #10 in the state. But they didn’t look good in the second half of the Spaghetti Bowl at all and now I’m doubting how good they actually are. A lot of questions will be answered when they open 4A Narrows play on Friday night in Port Orchard.

Shelton Highclimbers (1-1)
Last week: #11 (+1)
Previous game: Lost to Sumner, 51-14
Next game: vs. Foss – Highclimbers Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Yeah, the Highclimbers lost big, 51-14, but there were some things to take away from this game. Jake Henry played well again rushing for more than 160 yards and two touchdowns and a bunch of their top players including Brian Nault were sick all week. And yet, they battled well in the first half against a very good Sumner team. Next they host Foss in their 3A Narrows opener and with the Falcons not playing particularly well in the first two weeks, Shelton suddenly looks like a team that could pick up more than one regular season win – which is all that I predicted they would do this season.

North Thurston Rams (0-2)
Last week: #9 (-2)
Previous game: Lost to River Ridge, 28-16
Next game: vs. Wilson – South Sound Stadium – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: For the first time in program history, the Rams lost to both Timberline and River Ridge. As a North Thurston alum, let me just say this: UGH!

Rochester Warriors (0-2)
Last week: #12 (No change)
Previous game: Lost to Black Hills, 43-14
Next game: @ Elma – Rottle Field, Montesano – Friday, 7:00 PM

Notes: Rochester were eliminated from the playoffs in week one and then got throttled by Black Hills. Now, without anything to play for but fun and pride over the next seven weeks, the Warriors open league play against Elma.


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